Cabella's Building



42,000 SQ FT
New Construction

Need: Nelson Electric was chosen to assist with new construction of the Cabela's Outpost retail location in Ammon, ID. Requirments included a shortened construction schedule (completed within six months), power, lighting, data/comm cabling, a standby commercial generator, and overhead speaker system.

Solution: We developed a strong working relationship with the general contractor, which helped facilitate better communication, workflow, coordination, and overall superior results. Although the project included multiple change orders which increased the original scope, completion dates were unaffected. We even substituted a critical electrical component (replaced when available) at no additional cost, to keep the project on schedule.

Outcome: The new Cabela's was completed on time and to specification, even with the added requirements. The project collaboration was so successful, that Nelson Electric was invited to prequalify for future bid opportunities by the General Contractor.



25+ Stores
Featured: 3,900 SQ FT Expansion

Need: We were contracted to help construct an add-on to the Cody, Wyoming Walmart in only 4 short weeks. Given the condensed project schedule, normal lead times for equipment and material aquistion threatened to push completion beyond the allotted time.

Solution: To meets both equipment and time requirements, Nelson Electric arranged with suppliers to pull required components from different units. During the last two weeks, we allocated additional manpower to meet the aggressive schedule caused by the fixed deadline.

Outcome: The Cody, Wyoming Walmart is the latest in a series of projects completed with ESI. Our ability to leverage suppliers and shift resources to finish on time, especially with an aggressive delivery date, has strengthened our business relationship with ESI. Their continued business is a testimony to our capability.

Golden Valley Natural Jerky Plant


Golden Valley Natural Jerky Plant

200,000 SQ FT
New Construction

Need: Nelson Electric assisted with the 14 month new construction of Golden Valley's jerky production facility in Shelley ID. Requirements included power, lighting, cold storage, processing, and ovens. USDA requirements for food safety also added to project specifications. Excess or 'catch-up time' at the end of the project was non-existent.

Solution: Given the size and scope of this project, it was crucial to remain on schedule during all phases of construction. Nelson Electric assiged a full-time job foreman to manage the project. After the project started, large scale changes and additions required real-time design/build to accommodate the evolving requirements and keep the project on schedule.

Outcome: This project is nearing full completion.

Ethel Boyes Elementary School


Ethel Boyes Elementary

71,000 sq ft
New Construction

Need: Idaho Falls School District 91 hired Nelson Electric as part of the construction of the new Ethel Boyes elementary school, and associated site improvements. Construction followed an agressive schedule, with each sub acting as a prime contractor.

Solution: We worked directly with the Construction Manager and other prime contractors to ensure the exisitng school remained operational with minimal impact during construction. We helped ensure that time frames and schedules were met, providing appropriate man power at key points in the schedule to finish construction on time.

Outcome: Nelson Electric was awarded both Business Partner of the Month, and Outstanding Service to School District 91.


Star Valley LDS Temple

17,000 sq ft
New Construction

Need: From among prequalified subcontractors with adequate financial stability and work experience, Nelson Electric was selected to assist with the new construction of the 17,000 sq ft LDS Temple located in Afton WY. The building is to be constructed to exacting specifications within 18-24 months. Requirements include power, lighting, lightning protection, audio/video system, data/comm, radio comm system, fire alarm, security/intrusion, and standby commercial generator, Unique and custom designs are expected throughout the structure.

Solution: The project is currently in the beginning stages of electrical work. Nelson Electric will be providing 3D modeling throughout the project, coordinating various systems between subcontractors (electrical, plumbing, heating, etc.). Additionally, because construction is in Wyoming, we have mobilized and licensed a significant work force to ensure appropriate manpower is available as work progresses.

Outcome: Ahead of schedule, scheduled completion in Summer 2016.


Preston Readiness


Need: Nelson Electric was hired mid-project to finish the remodel of an exisitng Armory.

Solution: We worked directly with the general contractor to ensure that efforts were unified in a timely manner, to the satifaction of the owner.

Outcome: The work was completed on-time, even though the project had been started by another firm.

Huntsman Springs


Huntsman Springs

New Construction

Need: Nelson Electric was selected to assist with the new construction of the Huntsman Springs Fitness Center, Grill & Bar in Driggs, ID. Requirements included power, lighting, RadioRA Lutron dimming system, and outdoor pool and spa.

Solution: Worked with the contractor and owners throughout the construction process to insure the success of project.

Outcome: Completion of a luxurious resort for the owners to enjoy.

Springhill Suites by Marriot


Springhill Suites by Marriott

128 Room
New Construction

Need: Nelson Electric assisted with the design and construction of a new four-story, 128 room Marriott hotel in Jackson, WY.

Solution: Because of our experience and resources, Nelson Electric worked directly with the hotel owner to move the project from concept to blueprint to construction. Given the similarities between each room, we prefabricated several components offsite to speed construction and lower costs.

Outcome: Under construction, final design details are nearing 100% completion.


Franklin County Medical Center


Need: Nelson Electric was contracted for electrical on a health care facility addition and remodel to provide greater services to hospital patients. Specific challenges required integrating existing and new electrical, nurse call, and fire alarm systems.

Solution: We worked closely with general contractor and other subcontractors in order to stay on schedule. Ongoing changes required a high level of flexibility and creativity to meet requirements and stay on schedule. Fire alarm system required extensive trouble shooting to make the new and old systems function properly. Power conduit was run on the roof of facility instead of through ceiling (as originally planned) due to the high concentration of conduit and ducts already in place.

Outcome: The Franklin County Medical Center has a fully functional electrical, fire alarm and nurse call systems. We worked so well on this project that Nelson was invited by the owner to bid directly on additional projects.